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  05/01/17 9:57:01 AM

4/21/2017 Agronomy News
With the late start to the planting season and the cool, wet soil conditions, we are recommending that all wheat seed get a seed treatment applied to it before planting.  There are some excellent choices again this year.  The ‘Warden Cereals II’ is your best choice if you are choosing to forego wireworm control.  ‘Cruiser Maxx Vibrance’ is your best choice if you are looking for the added wireworm control.
Another thing to think about this spring is to use nitrogen stabilizer products such as ‘N Zone’ with anhydrous and ‘Contain N’ on your urea.  These products help keep the nitrogen in the root zone so your crops can access them in their time of need.  We do not want to lose our expensive nitrogen to leaching or volatilization.  By using these products, you can get the full use out of the investment you are putting into your fertilizer program and feel comfortable that you will get the full benefit of the money you are investing in your crops.
Finally, as the season is looking like it will be compressed into a short window, we want everyone to know that the Bisbee Fertilizer Plant is finished and ready to move product, as is the Fertilizer Plant and Agronomy Center in Rolla.  If you have time, feel free to stop in at either of these facilities – we would be happy to give you a walk-through.  By having these plants and with time being of the essence this season, we are proud to let our patrons know that we have almost all the fertilizer we will be needing this spring already in place in your local market.  Fertilizer outages, at least on the dry fertilizer side, should be of no concern – it is here and ready to go.  As far as anhydrous goes, we will still be relying on our trucking companies to get us product as fast as they can.  It sounds like the supplier anhydrous terminals have a good supply, but when the whole state starts pulling at the same time, it can cause long lines when reloading. 
Joe Kremer
Agronomy Division Manager


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