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  Energy News  03/21/19 9:14:43 AM

Legacy Cooperative
With all the changes that Legacy Cooperative is undergoing, I wanted to clarify a few things on how our ordering and delivery of bulk fuels and propane will be handled.
Price Quotes:
            Price quotes are available at all Legacy Cooperative locations. Transport load patrons remember that price quotes are subject to change depending on the price at the time they load.
            Legacy Cooperative posts cash prices but all deliveries are billed at a charge price. To obtain the cash price quoted the invoice must be paid within 10 days of the invoice date. A copy of the invoice will be left at the time of delivery. Transport load patrons will receive a copy of the invoice by mail or e-mail, if preferred. Transport load patrons may not see their invoice for 3 or 4 days after delivery. We have to wait for the invoice from our supplier before we can bill you. The 10 day discount will start from our invoice date not the delivery date.
            Gas, fuel, and LP can be ordered from any of our locations. Legacy Cooperative employees’ main focus is serving our patrons. Please be patient when ordering as you may get asked more questions than usual. Having new employees and new locations, you may have a different delivery driver than normal. The information we obtain on the phone is to ensure we get to the right place with the right products to keep your operation moving. Bulk truck delivery patrons, please try to give at least a day’s advanced notice so we can route deliveries more efficiently.
Our mission is to deliver our patrons quality service and products. We will strive to make the transition of the new locations as smooth as possible. We know there will be challenges, but please be patient with us.
We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the coming years.
John Lovcik
Energy Manager
(Office) 477-3127
(Cell) 739-6970
PHONE NUMBERS                                                         CONTRACTING INFORMATION
Bisbee Station         656-3211                                     John Lovcik  477-31237 or 739-6970    
Rock Lake Station   266-5511                                    Val Christiansen  246-3493 or 303-0024
Rolette Station         246-3493                                    Amy Berg   900-9191
Rolla Station            477-3127

Legacy Cooperative – Certified Energy Specialist
Amy Berg is a certified energy specialist that Legacy Cooperative hired in late September of 2018. Many of you have already met Amy. She will be out traveling our trade area, stopping in at your farms to learn about your operations and to help you with any energy needs. Legacy Cooperative is committed to our patrons and we think Amys role in the company will enhance our customer service.
Amy Berg     Cell #    701-900-9191
Amy is looking forward to serving you
Thank You for your continued support
John Lovcik
Energy Manager
(Office) 477-3127
(Cell) 739-6970
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